Sunday, August 26, 2012

Well hello, hurricanes....and the end of August menu

What would back-to-school be without a hurricane to make things exciting?
Just as the kids are getting trained, and we're all back in a routine, we have a couple of days off thanks to Tropical Storm / soon to be Hurricane Isaac.
The joys of the Sunshine State. ;)

Last week went relatively smoothly, getting back to school, and the menu worked well too.  A few days were flip-flopped, but everything worked well.  On Saturday, we spent the day prepping for a potential hurricane, and hubby grilled instead of having roast.  Yum!!!!  
For this week?

Here's hoping we have power all week long!

Sunday~ leftovers from the grill for lunch (burgers & dogs), spaghetti for dinner
Monday~ BBQ chicken sandwiches, coleslaw, corn on the cob
Tuesday~ Pasta fagioli in the crockpot
Wednesday~ hoping that we keep power.... Breakfast for Dinner
Thursday~ again, hoping we have power... Taco Night
Friday~ PAYDAY!  If all is well, let's go out to eat!  (If nobody has power, we'll grill some sausage and chicken)
Saturday~ TBA, depending on what we live through this week! :)

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