Sunday, November 18, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been trying to practice being thankful this month, and posting one thing I was thankful for each day.  This has made me very mindful of little things that I often take for granted.
Debris piled up after Ivan

When Hurricane Ivan hit us a few years ago, everything in our city - and in the surrounding area - was devastated.  The salt water killed everything, and there was no green - everything was brown.  I was struck at how it affected me.... I do not consider myself an 'outdoorsy' kind of girl, but as I looked around my once-tree-filled yard, now filled with broken limbs, snapped trees, and huge logs waiting to be hauled off, it depressed me.  So, my youngest son (who was then four) and I decided to make a Thankful Jar.  We used a simple Mason jar, and each day, we wrote down one thing we were thankful for.  His innocence helped me to appreciate many things I would have otherwise missed.  On Thanksgiving Day that year, after my loved ones had lost so much in that storm, we read our notes from the Thankful Jar.

Since that year, each Thanksgiving brings new events - additions to our family, as well as passings.  With joy and tears, we are thankful for our lives together.

And with that, here's the menu.
Sunday~ Leftovers - red beans & rice, or hotdogs.  Trying to clear out some room in the fridge.
Monday~ Fend For Your Self (FFYS).  Mom has a dinner meeting, so the boys with either go out, or eat something from the fridge.
Tuesday~ More leftovers...
Wednesday~ Breakfast or Sandwiches or Whatever's Left In The Fridge.  Whole lotta cookin' goin' on!
pumpkin muffins
Thursday~ Our traditional family feast.  Turkey & gravy, mashed potatoes, stuffing, sweet potato casserole, Swiss beans, 7 Layer Salad, homemade macaroni & cheese, rolls, and all manner of desserts of every kind.
Swiss beans

Friday~ shopping and chili in the crock pot

Saturday~ Thanksgiving leftovers...can't wait for my turkey sandwich!

May you and your family have a Thankful week.

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Erin Branscom said...

Love how you planned for Friday even though you are shopping. I have a busy day today too and have dinner in the crockpot. :) I have a menu Monday link up if you want to link up every week. Have a great week! Erin