Sunday, November 25, 2012

The last week of November, and some plans for December

The end of November is already here... I can hardly believe it.  We had a feast for Thanksgiving Day...

...including, but not limited to tons of homemade rolls, pumpkin pie, swiss beans, turkey, gumbo, rice, mashed potatoes... and the list goes on.

My mom & sis & I always shop on Black Friday.  One year, we were up with the crazy people and witnessed some truly insane behavior.  After that, we decided we did not need the deals enough to lose sleep and our tempers.  We met for breakfast at a leisurely 7:30 a.m., and after eating and chatting for about an hour, we shopped.  It was a productive, fun, AND relaxing day together!

This weekend, I've been busy making lots of plans - we booked plane tickets to Hawaii to see our oldest son this summer.  He is stationed there, and will not be home at all for the holidays this year.  We had discussed making the trip, then put it off, but have decided to go for it.  Yes, it's expensive, but we'll never have another excuse to go to Hawaii, and we'll make memories that we'll never forget.

I also planned out menus for the next two weeks... this is concert prep week, and next week, we have THREE concerts scheduled, so life will be REALLY BUSY until next Saturday.  Here's my plan:
Sun., 25th ~ chicken, baked beans, salad
Mon, 26th ~ Pioneer Woman's Chili (a fave around here, and a GREAT make-ahead)
Tues., 27th~ Frozen Pizza ... or leftovers... either will work ;)
Wed., 28th~ Spaghetti (made it this weekend and will enjoy it mid-week)
Thurs., 29th~ Leftover Turkey (Thanksgiving) or chicken (Sunday) hubs has class
Fri., 30th~ Chili-topped baked potatoes or Macho Nachos made with leftover chili

Then it's DECEMBER!!!!

1 ~ Roast in the crock pot, mashed potatoes, green beans
2 ~ Open-faced roast beef sandwiches
3 ~ Frozen lasagna concert night
4 ~ Fend For Yourself (which means leftovers or the boys can go out) concert #2
5 ~ Chicken with mushroom gravy, egg noodles
6 ~ Ds#3 is in this concert, so we'll go out after it's over
7 ~ Steak, baked potatoes, salad (ds#3's request)
8 ~ Sausage, homemade mac'n'cheese

Every year in December, I put up a Christmas countdown for my son.  When I decided to do this, my big boys were too old for it to be much fun for them, but I've done this for my youngest boy since he was three.  He is getting older, and I wanted to make this a more spiritual experience than just opening candy.  Here's my list for the days leading up to Christmas.
1: plant grass seeds (to be the bed for Baby Jesus in our nativity)
2: show God's love to another person (along with heart stickers for him)
3: remember God's faithfulness and sing Christmas carols around the piano
4: make someone happy/laugh (smiley stickers)
5: show God's love (piece of chocolate)
6: concert tonight! Out to eat afterward
7: favorite dinner for ds
8: decorate the tree
9: family devotional
10: put up nativity scene (minus Jesus)
11: play 'Uno' as a family
12: bake nativity cookies (cookie cutters at Amazon via FishMama's recommendation)
13: pop popcorn and watch a movie
14: get donuts for the weekend
15: shop for family members with Mom or Dad
16: download a song on iTunes
17: take a treat to the USO
18: drink hot chocolate and eat cookies
19: deliver presents to teachers
20: family game night
21: go see local light display
22: local ice skating
23: gift exchange with extended family
24: bake our annual 'Happy Birthday Jesus' cake

I'd love to hear your ideas if your family has a similar tradition! 
Here's to a blessed holiday season.

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