Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Menus!

I love Christmastime.  I love the traditions, the gatherings with friends and family, and especially now that my older boys have a choice where to be, I love that they want to come home for the holidays.
Hubs, Airman Son, me, and ds#3...
first photo together since Airman's graduation from Basic Training!

Last week's menu... well, we sort of followed it.  Everyone has finished their antibiotics and are somewhat back to normal.  There were many things that went undone last week, but so many adventures to report as well:
  • A large gray cat was found in my classroom (he had been hiding for several days)
  • We delivered goodies to our local USO (we've decided this should be a tradition)
  • Our school had a tornado warning and we were in the hallways for almost 2 hours
  • My choruses went caroling in the halls
 Ready to carol!

We didn't go see any lights last week - we were invited to a party with friends and opted to do that instead.  Hopefully we'll get to go this week.

Airman Son arrived safely.  Family dinner was had on Saturday evening and there were no leftovers.

Which brings us to this week!

Sunday~ Out to dinner with extended family for a Christmas gathering.  No cooking!
Monday~ Spaghetti (which we have not had for the past two weeks) and those zucchini.  FINALLY!
Tuesday~ Christmas Dinner: Ham, scalloped potatoes, Swiss beans, fried okra (Airman's request...consider it a Christmas present), salad, homemade rolls, and plenty of desserts. Airman has duty on Wednesday, so we'll have an early dinner and he'll hit the road.
Wednesday~ Leftovers from Christmas Day :)
Thursday~ Greek salad and tiropeta
Friday~ Ds#3 gets his braces adjusted... so it'll probably be some soft pasta or soup
Saturday~ To Be Determined... the nice part of being on vacation!

From our family to yours, have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

Stop by Menu Plan Monday and share your celebrations!

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