Sunday, May 26, 2013

Is it JUNE already???? The last menu of the month

Well I missed posting the entire month of May.
It was ridiculously busy.
Between hubby & me, Memorial Day weekend was our first weekend of the month all at home together!
A rainbow: red and yellow cherry tomatoes, purple and green basil (all from the garden), a sprinkling of feta and a drizzle of olive oil.  Delish!

The broccoli that flowers.  It is done.  Beautiful while it lasted!
Our garden is in full swing - the lettuces are just about done, and the cherry tomatoes are beginning to ripen.  We have lots of big green tomatoes and I can't wait until they are ready - my favorite is the Cherokee Purple.  So juicy and beautiful!

This week is the final week of school for students, and boy, has it been a sprint to the finish.  Friday was our final concert of the school year - for Memorial Day - it was a success.  Great way to wrap up the year.  This week will feature Field Day, in-class Talent Shows, and Promotion Ceremony for our 8th graders.

So what will we eat?
I thought you'd never ask.
Sunday~ out to dinner with extended family to celebrate birthdays.
Monday~ HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY! Please thank someone who has served, and remember those who paid for this holiday. We will grill burgers & sausage.  I'll make coleslaw with our cabbage to go with.  And for dessert, I'm making some kind of something... I haven't decided what!
The cabbage has been harvested.
Tuesday~ Scouts, and leftovers.  Fried chicken, beef tips w/gravy & egg noodles, turkey w/scalloped potatoes... certainly you can find something. :)
Wednesday~ Breakfast: eggs, bacon, grits... hopefully some blueberries from our bushes.
Thursday~ Local baseball game with some friends.  We'll enjoy some ball park food!
Friday~ LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!!!!!! We will celebrate by going out to dinner!
Saturday~ TBA... because I can decide then!

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