Saturday, August 24, 2013

We're baaaack!!! End of August menu

We did eat last week.
I did make a plan.
I just did not have time to post our menu on the first day of school!
I made chicken breasts in mushroom gravy with whole wheat linguine for Sunday.  On Monday, we had tacos and a layered bean dip similar to this one. Tuesday, we had beef tips with mushrooms.  Wednesday turned into a fend-for-yourself night; hubs went to bowl with some friends so ds#3 and I munched on whatever we could find in the kitchen.  Thursday and Friday, we went out to eat.
So you see, everyone has been fed.

This week, I'm attempting to plan earlier, so that it's all ready to go!
Sunday~ I made lasagna on Saturday, so we'll have it with a big tossed salad. YUM!
Monday~ Hubs & I have joined a bowling league.  I'm not sure what we'll do for dinner.
Tuesday~Breakfast for dinner.  Planned to do this last week, but it never materialized.
Wednesday~ Hubs will bowl - he is bowling on a team with some teachers from school, so they are practicing.  We'll wing it.
Thursday~ Chicken in the crockpot.  Roasted new potatoes and either green beans or broccoli from the freezer.
Friday~ Hallelujah, it's PAYDAY!!! We will probably go out to eat.
Saturday~ Hubs has been wanting to try his hand at smoking a brisket, so this will probably be the weekend to do it.

And there you have it!  The second-week-of-school and last-week-of-August menu.  Share yours at Menu Plan Monday!

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