Monday, June 6, 2016

June Menus!

Holy moly, it's summer!
We survived the school year and have now entered the somewhat more relaxed pace of summertime.  Our garden is in full swing and we are just beginning to harvest some of its bounty - the best part.

Our former Airman Son flew back to his home in Denver after staying with us for about 4 weeks. Here's last week's menu while he was still here:
Sunday: BBQ chicken, onion rings, wedge salad  baseball game with the fam that evening
Monday: Family cookout - burgers, dogs, sausage on the grill, jalapeño poppers (the peppers came fresh from our garden!), potato salad & deviled eggs courtesy of my mom, and broccoli salad courtesy of my sister.  We had ice cream pie and homemade apple cherry pie for dessert.
Tuesday: Fend For Yourself
Wednesday: hubs decided it was a good day for smoked meat.  Smoked brisket, smoked chicken breast, tossed salad, jalapeño cheddar 'cornbread' (Paleo style).
Thursday: Another Fend For Yourself.  Son #2 flew out, I had to sit in on job interviews for our school's band director, and I had a rehearsal that evening.
Friday: ds#3 had buddies over for basketball so I ordered pizza.  Everyone picked at it all afternoon into dinnertime.
Saturday: breakfast for dinner.

This week's plan:
Sunday~ Five Guys Burgers.  Mmmmm.
Monday~ Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad.  A long name for a delicious salad!  I used leftover smoked chicken in the recipe.
Tuesday~ Kabobs (steak and chicken) and more jalapeño poppers.  Gotta use that garden produce!
Wednesday~ Meatball casserole. Unless the eggplant in the garden are ready.  At which point we will have eggplant parmesan!
Thursday~ Antipasto Salad A Pinterest recipe. (C'mon... it's summer...)
Friday~ Burgers on the grill.  Yummy.
Saturday~ Hubs & I are celebrating 22 years of marriage.  We're going out to fondue!

What about you?  What's cookin' in your casa?  Are you gardening?
Check out Menu Plan Monday for more ideas.

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