Sunday, June 21, 2009

The "Dad's out of town" Menu

A review of last week tells me that we did a decent job of following the plan. As for dinners, we swapped chicken for leftover burgers on Wednesday, and on Thursday we had breakfast instead of tacos. Friday, my father decided to take my sister & me out to dinner for a Father's Day date at a local restaurant, so hubby & son fended for themselves (quite nicely, I think!). Saturday, Hubs decided he wanted to celebrate Father's Day before his trip instead of after, so he chose the meals all day and we ended up with BLT's for dinner, with tomatoes fresh from our garden, and another round of the now infamous oatmeal cookie peach cobbler.

This week, dear hubby is out of town at a workshop. So it's ds#3 and me... and a great time for a Lunch Challenge! (I did make breakfast every day last week, but did not always follow the plan for my Breakfast Challenge. I have decided to give myself permission to wing breakfast, because I always make it and have a variety of quick meals to choose from.) We have swimming lessons every day except Friday, and it is tempting to hit the drive thru on the way home because there are a BAZILLION fast food joints that we pass. And since Daddy's away, the temptation is even greater!!! So this challenge will help me immensely.

Sunday~ lunch @ my parents' house. Gorgeous grilled steak, twice baked potatoes, cheese and cracker salad, peas, crescent rolls, and watermelon for dessert. Who needs dinner????
Monday~ lunch: quesadillas,
dinner: chicken tenders, steamed broccoli, leftover twice baked potatoes

Tuesday~ lunch: ravioli, tossed salad,
dinner: out after going to see Up!

Wednesday~ lunch: cheese pizza,
dinner: sandwiches & chips

Thursday~ lunch: tortilla crusted tilapia (frozen - don't be too impressed!!), cucumbers & tomatoes from the garden,
dinner: nachos!

Friday~ Marine son comes home, so all plans are subject to change.
Saturday~ Marine son will take ds#3 to go see Airman son, so I'll be home alone to get ready for hubby's arrival on Sunday. I will definitely have some kind of CHICK FOOD!!


Algebra Teacher said...

I wish I had thought of a lunch challenge last week as we were finishing up swimming lessons. We stopped by the drive thru way too many times. At least we were early enough that they weren't serving lunch yet. So I used some free coupons and a couple of days we had buy 1 get 1 sausage egg biscuits. I always feel guilty to use those coupons and not buy something.

Golfersmom said...

I will have to try the lunch challenge next week. With me and Golfergirl home during the summer a plan would be nice to have.

Algebra Teacher said...

I have updated the links on my Menu Plan Monday to include the one for the turkey-bacon wraps. You can see the recipe at We've had them for lunch and dinner and they are great!