Sunday, June 7, 2009

School's out Menu!

School is officially out for the summer. I still have some odds & ends to tie up, but it will be at my leisure. I am beginning to relax a little, although still thinking about work quite a bit. Ds#3 will be going to VBS this week, so I'll be enjoying a little freedom in the mornings... I'm going to try to get back into an exercise routine... although I have a nasty scrape on my knee, so that might make it challenging. We'll see.
Last week's menu? Actually, it went fairly well, with just a couple of adjustments. The Spinach & mushroom smothered chicken was tasty, but just a tad bland. I will probably make it again for myself (I left out the spinach for hubby & son) and add something with a little kick to it. Rachael Ray's Texas chili-cheese fries were a fun change of pace, and we enjoyed them a LOT, on Saturday, instead of Thursday. I had some leftover beef from our black'n'bleu salad and the chicken, so I made foil packets with individual portions and added ingredients that each of us liked, so everyone had their own packet. Kind of fun and different.
Now for this week!
I have made it a goal to include fruits or vegetables with every single meal. So here's the attempt with dinnertime.
Sunday~ Pasta toss with fresh grape tomatoes and basil from our garden, tossed with some sauteed mushrooms and feta cheese. Add in your favorite pasta ... fresh and yummy.
Monday~ Baseball team party at a local restaurant. No cooking for mom.
Tuesday~ Roast chicken, roasted potatoes (baby new potatoes from our garden) , broccoli, corn on the cob (this is actually from last week's menu, but we never got to it)
Wednesday~ Spaghetti, tossed salad
Thursday~ BLTs & chips or chef salads ... essentially the same ingredients, just depends on what we're in the mood for
Friday~ Tacos and trimmings
Steak on the grill, baked potatoes, and something green which has yet to be determined.

I also made this delicious oatmeal cookie peach cobbler with fresh peaches that are coming in season now, so we'll be satisfying our sweet tooth with fruit. :)


Snow White said...

that cobbler looks mighty tasty! we'll have to try that with the fresh peaches.

Simply Sara said...

Yes, that peach cobbler looks YUMMY indeed!

Enjoy tonight's night off from cooking :)