Monday, June 29, 2009

The "Dad's home and Marine's here" menu!

Can I just say for a moment that it is extremely easy to follow the menu when hubby's not here? :) His whims tend to cause changes, and since he wasn't home last week, we did exactly what Mom had planned. Woo hoo!!
So this week, hubby is home from his trip, and Marine son is here for a visit as well. This means that all plans are subject to change every day, but I *need* a plan, because if I don't, default = out to eat = $$$$$$ !!!!!! I've not yet figured out my husband's love of eating out, but we do it more than usual when our big boys are in town. That said, I'm listing the plan this week for lunch & dinner, but not assigning any days, except Sunday.

Sunday~ lunch: leftover roast, mushrooms, and gravy over mashed potatoes
dinner: Breakfast - eggs, bacon, waffles, toast, blueberries.

The rest of the week:
Tacos, nachos & quesadillas
BLTs & chips
Sliders (from the freezer), salad
Chicken tenders, twice baked potatoes, salad or broccoli
4th of July cookout at the parents' house
I know there will be at least 2 days of lunches out.

Grilled steak, sliced tomatoes from our garden, corn on the cob, fried okra (fresh from the garden!), onion rings
Grilled chicken, fruit salad, baked potatoes
Spaghetti, bread with Italian dipping sauce, tossed salad
Appetizer night
And the out to eat for dinner option. Which hubby loves when Marine son is in town.

So there ya have it. Have a happy 4th of July, and get some menu inspiration at Laura's!

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