Sunday, June 14, 2009

June Menu, week two

What an eventful week we've had. We learned this week that Marine Son will be deploying to Afghanistan in a couple of months, and son #3 broke his toe. So you know what that meant... extra movies and video games for him. He's supposed to keep his foot up as much as possible (how much is possible for an eight-year-old??!) but he seems to be getting along pretty well.

As for the food? Well, again, we didn't get to the roast chicken meal. So that will carry over again to this week. And when I was planning my menu, I totally forgot to schedule in time for hubby & me to celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary! He took me to a local Italian restaurant where I thoroughly enjoyed some scrumptious eggplant parmesan. YUMMMMM! I've been doing pretty well keeping the fruits & veggies in every meal, so I intend to continue that. Lastly, the oatmeal cookie peach cobbler was FANTASTIC. I highly recommend it.
Now this week:
Sunday~ Spaghetti (hubby's request) with sauteed mushrooms, Italian bread with dipping sauce, and fresh cherry cobbler (used the same recipe as the peach, just subbed cherries, because that's what we have!)
Monday~ the bug man is coming to spray. So if the smell is overpowering, we'll go out. If not, we'll have chef salads.
Tuesday~ Beef in the crock pot, rice & gravy, fresh corn, tossed salad
Wednesday~ Leftover burgers from Saturday OR the roast chicken dinner
Thursday~ Tacos & Quesadillas, refried beans
Friday~ BBQ Pork sandwiches, corn on the cob, onion rings
Saturday~ Breakfast for Dinner

I'm also giving myself a Breakfast Challenge this week, with inspiration from Joy and Amanda. (They are also doing a Lunch Challenge, but we'll be out for lunch this week due to workshops and VBS, so we'll give that a go next week.) Hubby usually cooks his own breakfast, but I make ds#3's and mine. So here goes:
Sunday~ big breakfast for everyone. That's the usual - no biggie here.
Monday~ Homemade waffle for ds, cereal w/strawberries for me
Tuesday~ Toast & bacon for ds, fruit & yogurt for me
Wednesday~ Eggs & grits, waffle w/fruit for me
Thursday~ mini-bagel & bacon, fruit & yogurt for me
Friday~ Homemade waffle, oatmeal w/fruit for me
Saturday~ Pancakes & sausage for everyone (except I'll have turkey bacon)


Joy said...

Good for you on the breakfast challenge. Could you share your waffle recipe?

Joy @ Five J's

Amanda said...

So glad you are joining us! Your menu looks scrumptious. Looking forward to your updates.

Amanda @