Sunday, January 23, 2011

We're almost there... the end of January... menu week 4

As seems to be the case lately, I'm using the items on my menu, just switching the order around. Hubby wanted to go out to dinner on Saturday night, and Friday night he chaperoned at a school dance so ds#3 & I fended for ourselves.

On to this week:
Sunday~ the Cole's Ravioli Dinner that we did not have last week. I made a Caesar dressing to go with a salad. YUM!
Monday~ Sticky chicken, mac'n'cheese, crescent rolls and salad
Tuesday~ reheat leftovers from Monday
Wednesday~ Turkey, twice baked potatoes, corn on the cob
Thursday~ Stouffer's Lasagna, Caesar salad
Friday~ Waffles, bacon, grapefruit (from our tree)
Saturday~ TBD :)

Still trying to minimize trips to the grocery store as part of the Pantry Challenge - I know I'll have to go get some bread for hubby's lunches and possibly some cheese. Overall, we've done pretty well this month and come a long way in cleaning out the freezer!

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Chanin said...

I cooked from things in our pantry all of last week! It was tough, but we did it, then ate out on Friday and Saturday! :) haha