Sunday, January 30, 2011

February!!! A new menu

Today is the last day of January, and my sister's birthday.
I'm so thankful for her - she is not just my sister; she is my friend!

My hubby is beginning a physician's weight loss program this week, so I'm not completely sure what we'll be looking at as far as food goes, but we'll give it a try!

Our menu for this week looks like this:
Sunday~ out to eat in honor of my sis's b-day!
Monday~ hubby has class; must-goes for ds#3 and me
Tuesday~ Feta-stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon (from this recipe, adapted and inspired by my sis), rice, green beans with almonds, tiropeta (which has been in the freezer from our local Greek Festival)
Wednesday~ Eggplant lasagna (from the freezer), Caesar salad, garlic bread
Thursday~ Hubby's diet starts today, and all I know is that he'll be eating lots of protein. So I'm making a roast in the crockpot, and ds#3 & I will add some veggies.
Friday & Saturday ~ Again, depends on what the doc says on Thursday.

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