Thursday, January 5, 2012

Failure and Success... Pantry Challenge

Well, yesterday was a total FAIL for the Pantry Challenge.  I got away from school late, and consequently was a little behind picking up ds#3, and when I got home, hubby was ready to eat.  As in NOW.  I had planned to make tacos, and actually could have thrown them together quickly, but hubs said, "I hate to see you walk in the door and go straight to cooking.  Let's go out."

There was no point in arguing...

So we went out.

But tonight...
The crockpot comes to the rescue!!!

I actually put everything in there last night, so all I had to do was put in the 'pot', plug it in, and let it go before work.  We came home, and the chili was ready.  All I had to do was boil noodles.

Yum!  (And success.)
I made my chili with roasted tomatoes from this summer's garden - I pureed them after they were thawed.  Then I tossed in a can of Rotel (that I bought on sale, of course).  Added my already-cooked-and-frozen ground beef, and red and black beans that I soaked and cooked ahead of time.  Tossed in a few spices, and it was yummy.

And for dessert?  Who doesn't love cookies??? ;)

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Pary Moppins said...

Don't you just love crock pot chili?! Many nights it has come to my rescue as well. :) Thanks for joining in the pantry challenge.