Saturday, January 7, 2012

Pantry Challenge update

I've been participating in the Pantry Challenge at Good Cheap Eats. This week has been a decent week, with a couple of changes (what else is new??) but overall, successful.

Wednesday, we went out to eat, because I walked in the door later than usual, hubs was starving when I got there, and he wanted to go to our fave Mexican spot.  So we did.

Thursday, I made chili mac as scheduled and it was YUM!

Friday, roast was on the menu.... but I discovered a container of beef chunks with mushrooms and some kind of gravy, so I decided to be brave and toss that in the crockpot with a little more gravy.  I came home to discover a yummy concoction, hot and ready to eat.  Just heated some egg noodles, and dinner was on.  (Small triumph!)

Saturday, we'll see a reappearance of Thursday's chili.  This was not on the planned menu, but hubs wants to watch football, so my take on Rachael Ray's Chili Cheese Fries is what's for dinner!  I'll roast the potato wedges in the oven, pour on my chili, and top with cheese.  Happy people! :)  Oh.... and for lunch on Saturday, I passed off some dried out chicken as BBQ chicken sandwiches (SMOTHERED - and I do mean SMOTHERED - in BBQ sauce.)  My boy was delighted - he ate two.

I *did* go to the store this week - mostly for non-food items (Rx, toilet paper, etc.), but I did pick up some tea bags and cheese.  So far, so good!

I won't be going out of town next week as planned, so I'll shift a few things around to accommodate dinner.

Every day's an adventure - join in the Pantry Challenge and share yours!

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