Monday, January 2, 2012

Pantry we go

Jessica at Life As Mom and Good Cheap Eats is hosting a Pantry Challenge for the month of January.  This is something I've done for the past couple of years, as it helps us to trim our eating AND our spending after the holidays.

My goals for this month are:
to minimize trips to the grocery store by using what we have
buy milk, bread, and fresh veg only when ABSOLUTELY necessary
clean out my deep freeze by eating what's in there already

So today...
Dinner was stuffed peppers and spaghetti.  I used peppers from our garden, and stuffed them for hubby.  Then I made a sauce from tomatoes I'd roasted and frozen during the summer when they were coming out of our ears so abundant.  I boiled pasta for ds and me, and that was dinner - simple, satisfying, comforting on the first day back to school for the new year.

Tomorrow's plan has already been amended -
hubby has an after-school meeting and is taking some folks to dinner, so ds & I will have something simple - probably some kind of leftovers - here at the house.

And we'll see how it goes!

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