Monday, May 28, 2012

The finish line is in sight!!! And the last menu for May

One more week of school, then HALLELUJAH!  
It's SUMMER!!!!!
(nobody around here is very excited about that.)

As the school year wraps up, life is insanely busy.  One of the best things about dinner each evening is including something from our garden.  Being out there brings a little respite from the hectic pace of the work day.   It also makes me think about lighter, healthier meals... about eating in season... and overall healthy living.

Yeah.  We could all use more of that.

So here's our plan for the final week of school:
Sunday~ HUGE cookout with the fam: burgers, dogs & sausage on the grill, grilled zucchini and yellow squash, collard greens cooked outside (to try to keep the house cool), coleslaw, homemade bread & butter pickles, potato salad (courtesy of my mom), strawberry trifle (courtesy of my sis), and homemade ice cream.  All the veggies came from our garden!

Monday~ Happy MEMORIAL DAY.  Remember, and be thankful.  To eat, I think we'll have leftovers ;)

Tuesday~ Stuffed peppers and spaghetti

Wednesday~ Taco night!

Thursday~ Nachos (using leftover taco fixin's)

Friday~ Veggie dinner: peas, rice, zucchini chips, cornbread, cucumber salad, maybe some tomatoes if any are ripe yet

Saturday~ ds#3 wants to have friends over for a last hurrah, so it'll be pizza

What about you?  How are you celebrating the start to summer?

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Whitney said...

So jealous of the garden veggies! That's one thing I'm really excited to move back to the States for next year. My mom's going to help us get a nice garden going in the backyard. Mmm.