Sunday, July 15, 2012

July Menu #3, and week 3 of the Pantry Challenge

On the Pantry Challenge...
My goals were to use what we have, incorporate more veg, and minimize grocery trips. 
Using what we have
I think I’ve done pretty well at using what we have.  Not much waste here, and when I do have to throw out a cucumber that’s past its prime, it goes into the compost pile. So we can’t eat it, but it will still benefit us in the long run. (like my justification???)
Incorporate more vegetables

More veg…still working on this one. The garden has slowed, so there aren’t as many tomatoes, and the cucumbers are all but finished. However, bell peppers and eggplant are coming in, and they require a little more creativity.  
Minimize grocery store trips
I’m not sure yet if I’ve spent less, though I do feel like I’ve shown lots of restraint in my spending. I had to go to the store the first week of the challenge to get items for a fruit salad to take to a big gathering, and to get crackers, cheese, and milk. I’ll have to go get more milk this week. We are going through it.
Can’t believe July is half over!  Here's what we've been eating each day, and here's our plan for this week.

Sunday~ BLT sandwiches for lunch, Tossed salad & spaghetti for dinner
Monday~ A concoction we call 'Eggplant Pie' for lunch, along with leftovers; Breakfast for Dinner (eggs, bacon, grits, fruit)
Tuesday~ BBQ chicken sandwiches (chicken leftover from last wk); Taco night for dinner
Wednesday~ probably out for lunch; some kind of chicken with rice, green beans, and corn on the cob for dinner
Thursday~ Leftovers for lunch; Burgers on the grill & oven fries for dinner
Friday~ Lunch is open; Picnic dinner: pasta salad, chips, sandwich wraps and cookies
Saturday~ Meatballs with brown gravy, mashed potatoes, cucumber salad

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Pary Moppins said...

Your pepper and eggplants look beautiful! Those two ingredients scream ratatouille to me - you could even freeze it for a pantry challenge on another date. :)