Monday, March 25, 2013

Home Alone Menu

This week, my guys are in Washington DC.  They will return on Thursday, and you know I'll have a yummy dinner waiting for them.
But until then, it's just me and the dog, so the menus will most likely be a little on the dull side.

To make up for that, I'm doing some freezer cooking!
Chicken Cacciatore
Pioneer Woman's Chili
Tomato Balsamic Pot Roast (slow cooker) - this sounds perfect with mashed potatoes!

And prepping our Easter menu:
Ham, sweet potato casserole with pecan topping, swiss beans, and some kind of dessert that has yet to be decided

I'm also getting my hair cut (FUN!), and going to the doctor (not so fun...) 

So there's the plan for this week... it's nice to have some down-time after the craziness for the past three weeks.  Stay tuned... next week, we're sure to return to some interesting tales...

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Kelli said...

Stopping by from Org Junkie…
I am also a mom of all boys :-) I have never had an entire weekend to myself... I think I would go stir-crazy! :-)