Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's April!

March flew by, and it's already April.
Last week, there was not much of a plan, as my guys were out of town, and I was home alone, so not much cooking was required.
This week, we're back at school, and back to the routine, so I better get with it!

Sunday~ Happy Easter! We celebrated with my family. My parents have been renting a beach house, experimenting with semi-retired life. We gathered out there, and had a fish fry ("That's what Jesus ate" according to my dad!) accompanied by cheese grits, baked beans, seven-layer salad, deviled eggs, assorted cookies, and a cake. YUM!

Monday~ I've got a beef tenderloin that I must cook.  Salad with lettuce from the garden and twice-baked potatoes.

Tuesday~ Scouts night. Leftovers from this weekend: organic ham, swiss beans, scalloped potatoes for a fast dinner.

Wednesday~ Breakfast for dinner. Eggs, leftover ham, toast, grapefruit (yes, we still have plenty on our tree!), and maybe grits

Thursday~ haircut right after school, and hubs has class. Ds & I will do some kind of leftovers when we get home.

Friday~ Pioneer Woman's chili (in the freezer). A family fave.

Saturday~ Leftover tenderloin, perhaps in sandwiches or on a salad - we have a TON of lettuce in the garden!

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