Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Menu Madness

Last week was so ridiculous that I did not even bother to post a menu.  Naturally we ate... and we went out more than once... but our schedule was so hectic that it really was futile to try to plan anything.  Here are a couple of pics, just to prove we survived :)
Homemade mac'n'cheese... this was dinner on Friday night.

Lettuce leaves waiting to be dressed for a salad... yummy and good for us!

So that brings us to this week.
This week will be busy, but we will be home at mealtime so that will make life just a tad simpler!
The plan:
Sunday~ spaghetti, tossed salad (lettuce from our garden), and cheesy bread for lunch; bbq chicken, Swiss chard (garden), and roasted butternut squash (from the garden via the freezer!) for dinner. YUM!

Monday~ Melissa d'Arabian's Potato Torte (a fave around here, and great way to use less meat), big green salad from the garden.  I'm finding that including a salad with our lettuce is keeping dinnertime portions in check for my guys.  Yes!
Tuesday~ Pasta toss with tomatoes, mushrooms, arugula (garden), olives and feta cheese, with cheesy bread (to encourage ds, who is not a huge veggie fan!)
Wednesday~ Taco Night!  It's been a while - got some leftover Mexican Rice, homemade refried beans, and all the taco fixins.  Delish!
Thursday~ hubs has class, so we'll have leftovers - there should be plenty!
Friday & Saturday~ ds will be on a Boy Scout campout, so hubby and I will take the opportunity for some date time. My parents are also renting a beach house and have invited us to visit, so we may also enjoy some beach time!

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