Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Pantry Challenge - week two

So far, we're doing fairly well on the Pantry Challenge.  We began on Jan. 1st, and have only been out to eat once, and had one shopping trip.  This is pretty good, considering my husband's way to deal with stress is to go out to eat.

This was the original plan for this week:
Jan 11 - Crockpot sausage & peppers (I will also make some chicken for ds#3 - not a sausage fan).  We still have oodles of frozen bell peppers from our garden and I am trying to come up with creative ways to use them.
Jan 12 - Chicken tenders, salad, fries
Jan 13 - I'm headed out of town until the weekend.  The boys are on their own!!  (I could plan food for them here, but the reality is, they will probably go out more than they stay home.)

However, it has changed!!!
Hubs has decided that he doesn't want to eat out every night while I am out of town.  So I spent the weekend prepping food for them (which I was glad to do), and that necessitated a trip to the grocery store.  Some of the items I purchased will be used later in the month, but some were specifically for this week.  I spent $128, and you can see the breakdown here.

Here's the new plan:
Jan 11 - Salads using up chicken breast and steak in the fridge.  Delicious and I love happy uses for leftovers!!!
Jan 12 - Beef roast, broccoli, Swiss beans (cooked for the guys to eat while I'm gone)
Jan 13 - day 1 of Mom's trip  Ham slices and Swiss beans for the guys
Jan 14 - day 2 of Mom's trip - Hubs bowls tonight, so the guys will go out to eat.

Jan 15 - day 3 of Mom's trip Beef vegetable soup; chicken tenders for ds#3 if he doesn't want soup
Jan 16 - day 4 of Mom's trip Taco night - taco meat is made for them, cheese dip, and tortilla chips are waiting.  They can add lettuce & tomato if they want salads.
Jan 17 - Mom comes home tonight.  Leftovers.

While I'm gone, I'll be eating lunch & dinner out.  I'm bringing bottled water, fruit, protein bars and chocolate covered walnuts for breakfast/snack.  The guys will have their usual lunchbox items (I've prepped ds#3's lunches; Hubs will make a salad for his lunch each day), and for breakfast, ds#3 will eat a LaraBar & milk, and Hubs will have his usual eggs & bacon/sausage.

I will assess the damage and see how to proceed for week three when I get home!

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