Monday, January 12, 2015

What we're eating during the Pantry Challenge - week two

January 12 -
Breakfast: we woke up late.  Hubs had eggs & bacon.  Ds#3 had a glass of milk & a brownie.  I had a bottle of water.
Lunch: Hubs had tossed salad topped with leftover steak.  Ds#3 had salad topped with leftover chicken.  I had some chicken salad (diced chicken, carrots, celery, pecans).
Dinner:  I got home late.... yeah, it's been that kind of day... I had a roast in the crock pot so we ate that and I reheated the Swiss beans.  Everyone is fed.  Whew.

Tomorrow I leave for the rest of the week - meals are prepped for the guys, and I'll be eating mostly on the road.  We'll see how it goes...

January 13 -
Breakfast: I hit the road today.  I made everyone's breakfast before school - eggs & bacon for Hubs, and an egg-bake with bacon & broccoli and chocolate milk.
Lunch: Hubs took leftover roast from last night and leftover Swiss beans in his lunch.  Ds#3 had a turkey sandwich on a mini-roll, tortilla chips w/salsa, and a homemade brownie.  I had dinner on the road - we stopped at a gas station that had a Subway inside, so I spent $6 on a salad for lunch.
Dinner: The guys had nachos for dinner at home (I made a bunch of taco meat for them and they had all the fixin's to go with it).  I ate dinner on the road with my co-worker; we went to Chipotle which was a treat because we don't have one at home! I spent $10 on a salad bowl with chicken and all the toppings.
Snack: I left the guys a plate of chocolate chip cookies before I left and I was told that they enjoyed them when they came in from school.  Score one for mom.

January 14 -
Day Two on the road.
Breakfast: I had a Clif Bar for breakfast (I brought a stash with me because breakfast tends to be pricey and I'm not much of an egg person). Hubs had eggs & sausage at home, and he made pancakes for ds#3.  What a guy! :)
Lunch: I had lunch on the road with my co-worker - we stopped at Greek restaurant and I spent $10 on Greek chicken and a Greek salad and it was delish!!!  Hubs had ham slices and Swiss beans in his lunchbox, and ds#3 had the same lunch as yesterday (I packed them in Ziploc bags before I left so they were already put together to make life easy).
Dinner: Out for dinner - I spent $15 on a burger including the tip.  Hubs & ds#3 went to Panera for their planned meal out before bowling.
I can't believe it's going according to the plan.... that NEVER happens!!!

January 15 -
Day Three on the road.
Breakfast: Clif Bar for me.  Hubs & ds#3 ate at home.
Lunch: Lunch on the road for me - a nuts & berries salad for $8.  Hubs had leftovers and ds#3 had lunchbox stuff I prepped for him.
Dinner: Dinner with colleagues - a bunless portobella & manchego cheeseburger for $11.76.  Hubs had a rough day at work so he & ds#3 went out to eat.

January 16 -
Day Four on the road.
This is getting old.
Breakfast: Clif Bar for me.  Hubs & ds#3 ate at home.
Lunch: for me today - a bunless burger at the Convention with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese and mushrooms for $10.  Finding good food is getting difficult and it's crazy expensive.  Hubs & ds#3 had lunchbox stuff that I prepped for them.
Dinner: I fudged and had nachos for dinner' I spent $18 including the tip.  But there was a lot of veg on them.  Hubs & ds#3 went out to eat again.

January 17 -
Heading home today.  Woo hoo!!!
Breakfast: Apple for me.  Hubs & ds#3 slept late, then headed to bowling.
Lunch: Hubs & ds#3 went out to a fave local BBQ spot.  My co-worker and I had a late lunch at Zoe's Kitchen - totally yummy!  I had Greek chicken with coleslaw - it was made with an oil & vinegar dressing, and they added feta cheese.  I am going to make it at home!  Spent $8.
Dinner: I think the guys' lunch was late, so they didn't eat dinner.  My friend & I were anxious to get home, so we didn't stop for dinner either.
I've got my work cut out for me in the coming week - stay tuned!

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