Sunday, January 4, 2015

What we're eating during the Pantry Challenge - week one

Every January, we participate in a Pantry Challenge, trying to get our budget back in check, and using up what we've got.  So far, we're off to a good start!

I began planning on January 1st, but the challenge officially kicked off this weekend, so that's where I'll start.

Saturday, January 3 -
Breakfast: Hubs & I had our weekly breakfast date.  Ds#3 did not wake up until it was time for him to go bowling, so he had a slice of ham & broccoli quiche & a glass of milk, and headed out the door with Hubs.
Lunch: Hubs was working outside and didn't want to eat.  Ds#3 was ravenous, so I made him some chicken tenders from the freezer.  I had a single tender, along with some broccoli, and we called it good.
Snack: When Hubs came in, he decided he was hungry.  I had been grocery shopping, and bought him a 'snack tray' as a treat (it was on sale and I had a coupon) so he munched on pepperoni, salami, and cheese, and sausage balls I made earlier in the day.  Ds#3, being always hungry, decided to join him.
Dinner: No one was particularly hungry at dinner... so we grazed on leftovers and left it at that.

I made Swiss beans, sausage balls, and Paleo-friendly sandwich rolls today.  The beans are for a meal later this month.  The sausage balls were at Hubby's request, and the Paleo bread is because I really wanted to try it (and it was GREAT!!!!).  I also prepped chicken for Hawaiian BBQ chicken, later in the month (I made a few minor changes to the recipe), and cubed some chicken breast for the freezer, also for later in the month.

Sunday, January 4 -
Breakfast: I was not feeling well, so I did not eat.  Hubs requested eggs & bacon.  Ds#3 was not hungry when he got up.
Lunch: a Fend-For-Yourself affair, because I still was not feeling great.  Also,  Hubs was planning to grill steaks purchased earlier this week, so we didn't want to eat a big meal.
Dinner:  Said steaks, with tossed salad and sweet potato fries.  Hubby & ds#3 were happy to pose for the picture!

Snack: I made Paleo-friendly brownies which were a hit with my guys.  I'll use these in lunches this week as we head back to school, as well as for treats to keep everyone from feeling deprived during this challenge!

I discovered three bags of beef 'scraps' while inventorying / cleaning out the freezer... so today, I put them in the crock pot with some beef broth, a little red wine, and a beef bone.  They simmered away all day, and I added diced tomatoes, chopped some celery, carrots, and leeks, and we'll have Beef Vegetable Soup tomorrow for free!

Monday, January 5 -
Breakfast: hubs requested eggs & bacon, and then had 'monkey salad' (diced bananas topped with coconut and cashews); I had a slice of ham & broccoli quiche with a cup of hot tea.  Then it was off to work!  (Ds#3 ate after we went to work... I think it was a brownie.)
Lunch: Hubs used a gift card to have lunch with a friend; I came home to discover that ds#3 had nachos (!!!!!) and I ate some leftover turkey and apple-cherry chutney from last week.
Dinner: My 'free' soup! I had some rolls in the freezer that I heated for ds#3, and I warmed a paleo roll for Hubs & me.  Delish and filling!  (Yes, the soup has corn in it... which is not paleo, but it was in the pantry and needed to be used.)

No baking or extra cooking today... but I did make everyone's lunch boxes for our back-to-school day tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 6 - 
Breakfast: Hubs had his usual of eggs & bacon, with a side of monkey salad.  I made hot chocolate for ds#3 (almond milk, cocoa powder, maple syrup, a little vanilla and some vitamin C powder blended in for good measure) and he also had a slice of ham & broccoli quiche.  I had a small slice of quiche too, with a big glass of water.
Lunch: in our lunchboxes -leftover soup for me; chef's salad for Hubs (his standard school lunch); cheese & crackers and a small salad for ds#3, along with a brownie for a sweet treat.
Dinner:  Taco salads, using the last of the tortilla chips (after ds#3's nacho adventures!!!) - seasoned ground beef, lettuce, diced tomatoes, cheese dip, salsa.  The guys had a brownie after dinner.

Wednesday, January 7 -
Breakfast: Hubs decided he would go early to his fave 'diner' breakfast spot.  Ds#3 had two glasses of chocolate milk (made just like the hot chocolate above, only cold) and a slice of quiche.  I had an apple and peanut butter.
Lunch: leftover soup for me; salad for Hubs; cheese, crackers & pepperoni w/a brownie for ds#3.
Dinner: Hubs bowls on Wednesdays, so he runs off to eat with his bowling buddies.  Ds#3 & I had a fancy dinner of chicken tenders, sweet potato fries, and broccoli.  And charming conversation at the dinner table. :)

Thursday, January 8 -
Breakfast: Eggs & bacon for hubs; hot chocolate for ds#3 (who was trying to convince us to let him stay home because it was absolutely RIDICULOUSLY cold - it didn't work); ham & broccoli quiche & hot tea for me.
Lunch: leftover soup for me (it's all gone now); salad for Hubs; cheese & crackers and tossed salad along with a brownie for ds#3.
Dinner: Hubs insisted we go out for dinner after an EXTREMELY stressful morning.  At least we used a coupon.

I made a homemade pie crust for pumpkin pie last night, so the guys each had a slice this evening.  Ds#3 will also eat it for breakfast (which is good because the quiche is gone - and which I don't feel bad about because it's homemade with wholesome ingredients).

Friday, January 9 -
Breakfast: pumpkin pie for ds#3; eggs & bacon for hubs; hot tea for me.
Lunch: tomato soup w/homemade croutons & pumpkin pie for hubs; salad, cheese & crackers and pumpkin pie for ds#3; orange for me.
Dinner: chicken breasts with zucchini, broccoli, carrots roasted in the oven, and leftover scalloped potatoes.

I will have to go the grocery store tomorrow for milk, eggs, and a few other items.  Hubs & I have discussed eating for next week when I am out of town, and he wants to eat at home more than he wants to go out - which is GREAT for the budget, so I will gladly stock the necessary items!

Saturday, January 10 -
Breakfast: our weekly breakfast date.  We got a biscuit for ds#3 on the way home.
Lunch:  Hubs & ds#3 had planned to eat lunch with some friends to discuss important baseball business, as in whether to play organized ball this season or not.  The verdict was not (Algebra makes everything difficult).
Dinner: Hubs requested vegetable beef soup.  I had everything on hand, and was happy to oblige.  It makes a big batch, which he will eat while I'm gone next week.

I went to the grocery store today.  I bought many things, most of which will be used in the upcoming week while I am out of town.  Essentially, I had no meals planned for the week, because I anticipated Hubs & ds eating out most of the time, but since they aren't doing that, I had to shuffle some things around and purchase some other things.  I spent $128, and it's the first shopping trip since before the first of the year.
I bought:
Green tea 
Vinegar (to clean pots in the garden)
Lunch Meat (for ds#3's lunches)
Organic roast (a great sale, to make up for the proteins I'll be using from the freezer this week)
Bacon & Sausage (both for breakfast for Hubs while I am gone)
Blue Cheese dressing (for his salads for lunch)
Maple syrup
Coconut milk
Tomato sauce
Various protein bars for breakfast for me on the trip, and for ds#3 while I'm gone
Tortilla chips (for the requested taco night while I'm gone)
Overall, not too bad, and I don't feel awful spending the money if I know they will eat at home.  Many of these items will carry over to later in the month as well.


Pary Moppins said...

You are having an awesome menu for a pantry challenge. ;) Keep up the good work!

Angela Horne said...

I'm always amazed at how resourceful I can be when I need to be ;)