Thursday, August 13, 2009

Frugal Friday - CSA question

For those who do...
I have some questions for you about your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture).

  • Were your family members huge veggie lovers before you became a part of a CSA?
  • How difficult has it been to incorporate all the items into your menu?
  • For those purchasing meats, how have you had to cook differently? (Does the meat require different treatment than what you would get at the grocery store?)
We've found a local farm and I'm very excited about it, but I want to know fully what we're getting ourselves into. There are a couple of ways to look at this venture:
  • A small, local farm will not give WalMart-type discounts. They just don't operate the same.
  • BUT~ I am thrilled ~ and very much believe in supporting local industry as much as possible. So in that regard, I see this as a frugal move.
We've had a summer garden for years, and we grow what we like. But with a CSA, there is a wider variety. On one hand, I'm delighted to give my family a reason to eat different veggies than our norm. On the other hand, I don't want anything to go to waste so I know I'm going to need some new repertoire to be successful!

Thanks in advance for all the tips. I can't wait to hear them! Share more at Frugal Fridays!

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Jessika said...

I found you through lifeasmom and wanted to encourage you to give your CSA a chance. We split a 1/2 share with my parents so six people eat off that per week-we do end up buying either there or at Trader Joe's for items they don't grow like bananas,apples,grapes. Some weeks are more "family friendly" than others but our CSA gives a good variety and something usually appeals to my kids-corn, strawberries,beans,lettuces,leeks,
mandarines. Items like kale, bell peppers, kolrabi etc. I use in stir fry or steam and then puree to add to soups and sauces or scrambled eggs where I can sneak them in with fewer complaints.Our CSA also gives recipes each week to help you know how to use some of the lesser known veggies-this week I'm going to make my own tomatillo green salsa.