Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's August... and a menu

This month signals the end of summer for us. Although the temps will continue to soar into the 90s and we will undoubtedly see afternoon rain showers, our summer is, for all intents and purposes, over. Hubby & I will be working at school this week and attending a seminar; ds#3 will go to see his buddies at his daycare. There is a sort of bittersweet restlessness that overtakes us, as we prepare for the new school year, and say farewell to the last vestiges of our summer.

That said, I went on and planned the menu for the entire month. It will be busy, and I thought I'd get that out of the way. We have everything we need (except for milk & eggs), so I don't have to go to the store for anything else, unless there's just a deal I can't pass up. In which case, I'm flexible enough to change the plan, but the KEY is having a plan to start with! So here goes.

Sunday~ Leftover steak from Saturday's menu, pasta tossed with veggies on the side. (Although Dad treated Mom & Son to Mexican for lunch, and no one is very hungry. So this might be moved to tomorrow night.)
Monday~ Breakfast for dinner: eggs, bacon, blueberries, toast
Tuesday~ Oven fried chicken from Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals, roasted potatoes, tossed salad
Wednesday~ Roast with pearl onions & baby carrots in the crock pot, rice, steamed broccoli
Thursday~ Meet my sister for dinner @ Chick-fil-A
Friday~ Meet my parents for dinner, TBA!
Saturday~ on the GRILL: Red wine & Pepper glazed chicken adapted from Robin Miller's Quick Fix Meals, baked potatoes, cucumbers from the garden

This week's Menu Plan Monday is being hosted by The Happy Housewife.
Stop in and share this week's plan for your kitchen!

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