Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Menu!

Last week's menu did not go exactly according to plan... but that is why we call it a 'plan'!
We ended up going out on Wednesday night, and hubby wanted tacos for our New Year's Eve dinner. On Friday, we had spaghetti, and Saturday was a FREEZING cold day so chili was on the menu. (Yes, we like our beef here.)

So, things are shuffled around a little. Which is okay. I have planned out the menu for the month, so here's the plan for this week:

Sunday~ French onion soup, grilled cheese sandwiches, salad
Monday~ Roast in the crockpot with onions, mushrooms & carrots, mashed potatoes, green beans
Tuesday~ Open-faced roast beef sandwiches
Wednesday~Potato Bacon torte, salad
Thursday~ Breakfast for dinner. May try this recipe for Broccoli, Mushroom and Cheese Strata from Ellie Krieger
Friday~ Leftovers (there should be plenty!)
Saturday~ Pasta toss, french bread with Italian dipping spices

You can see my plan for the entire month right here.

Can you tell I'm trying to incorporate lots of veggies??


Jen said...

The Potato Bacon torte is a recipe I really want to try. It sounds so yummy. Seems like cooking for so many guys requires big menus. My two boys are at that age where they eat EVERYTHING so I have made some changes in my cooking over the past few months.

Mary said...

Your menu sounds delicious. Thanks for sharing. We also love our beef. It's been a while since we've had an open faced roast beef sandwich though. Sounds good right now, may have to add it to next weeks meal plan. By the way, I love your blog name. It fits my house perfectly. (2 18 year old boys, a 16 year old boy + the hubby + 2 male

Crystal said...

Testosterone Palace... love the name. I have all all boys as well- 5 of them! People ask if I am the maid or the princess. I always say What do you think? Totally the maid! Boys need constant direction.

I love that you have the vision to plan your menus out a month in advance. Amazing!

Have a great week.