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Okay. I have decided on my project. I have clutter issues and I know it.

I have a bookcase in our computer room that collects my “stuff”. Some “stuff” needs to move to my office in my classroom; some “stuff” needs to filed; some “stuff” needs to be tossed, etc.

my first step in decluttering this area was to go through all the receipts that have accumulated there, and file them in the appropriate place. That much has been done.

Next, I will return items to school, and relocate a portable DVD player to its rightful spot (along with the box of accessories!).

Then I have a pile of magazines to deal with…..


Kate said...

It sounds like we have very similar clutter-collecting areas. I am saving mine (or procrastinating, however you want to look at it) until I've gotten some of the easier stuff taken care of. Honestly, I haven't filed anything since 2005, and I have 2 boxes of papers just waiting for me! However, since I've waited so long, I can probably throw a lot of it away by now.


Jessie said...

Good luck with that! It always seems like when you get started, 100 more things pop up that need to be de-cluttered!

The Happy Housewife said...

How is your project going? I would love to see pictures of you sweeping your ceiling. I have never heard of that one!