Sunday, July 27, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

This week will be a gentle nudge back into the school year routine. I'll be at a workshop all week, every day from 9-2, so I've got lots of meals planned using my favorite kitchen appliance, the crockpot. But first, a recap from last week!
The bacon & cheese chicken recipe was okay. My husband is pretty finicky when it comes to chicken, so I was okay with this.... two out of the last three chicken recipes have been a hit, so I'm not too disappointed. People who love chicken will probably like this just fine. The rest of the menu went just according to plan, which was good!
So for this week:
Sun~ Beef brisket (from the freezer), egg noodles, gravy w/sliced mushrooms, corn on the cob, tossed salad, biscuits
Mon~ Lemon & Herb chicken (crockpot), rice, homemade bread, broccoli
Tues~ Hamburgers on the grill pan, pasta salad
Wed~ A-1 and Dijon Steak, (crockpot again!!), mashed potatoes, broccoli w/cheese, crescent rolls
Thurs~ Pancakes & bacon. Marine Son comes home on leave!!! :)
Fri~ Fend For Yourself! I'll be attending a Beth Moore simulcast, so the boys will fend for themselves while I'm out.
Sat~ TBA... a lot depends on what Son #1 wants. We are so excited to have him home!
What are you cooking this week? Check out Organized Junkie for tons of ideas!

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Kiy said...

I am so excited for you that your son is home for a visit. Truly a special time for all of you! Thank you, btw, for the chicken crock pot recipe. I never knew it was possible to put a whole chicken in there, I can't wait to try it! The rest of your menu looks great too. Have a super week enjoying your family.