Sunday, July 13, 2008

Menu Plan Monday!

Another week, another menu.
For TONS of great menu ideas,
visit Organized Junkie!

Notes on last week's menu:
We actually followed the plan to a "T"!
The Bourbon Chicken was a huge hit. It has no bourbon in it - it has apple juice! It makes kind of a barbeque-y teriyaki kind of sauce. I left out the red pepper flakes because we don't care for hot... but it was yummy!

Sunday~ Rachael Ray's chili cheese fries (I omit the beer, usually just use shredded cheese instead of making a cheese sauce.)
Monday~ Penne with chicken and pesto from (this is a new recipe for us, but we like pesto, and we like chicken, and we like pasta, so I figure we'll be safe!)
Tuesday~ ALL STAR BASEBALL GAME!!! Hot dogs, nachos, and cracker jacks in front of the TV. Yes, we are baseball fans here.
Wednesday~ Beef tenderloin on the grill, baked potatoes, tossed salad, crescent rolls
Thursday~ Sticky chicken, rice, zipper peas (from our garden!), sliced tomatoes (also from the garden), homemade biscuits
Friday~ Pancakes or waffles and bacon
Saturday~ TBA

We have a friend who is playing in a charity softball game on Monday night, and we may go watch. If we do, it'll be ball park food and the penne w/chicken & pesto will move to Saturday.
What are you cookin'??


Leah said...

thanks for visiting my blog..your week sounds delicious...especially the chili cheese fries *drooooool**! Congratulations to you on having two sons graduating from boot camp! And please pass along my thanks and that of my family, to your sons for serving our Country! We appreciate them so much!!

Katy said...

You are too funny! Yes, dad would cook every night if I let him! I'm blessed!


forgetfulone said...

That sounds good! I might try that bourbon chicken. I have one recipe link on my site today, chicken spaghetti, and a comment about Outback's cheese fries! So coming across your info from Rachel Ray was pretty interesting!

annie said...

There's nothing better (in my opinion :) than cheddar fries!!! yummy!

Your menu is really making me hungry.

Victoria said...

cheese fries!! Yummy!!!
Thanks for stopping by! I was surprised that we didn't need anything other than meat when we went shopping.. But hey, I'm not complaining! With the prices of everything going up I'm happy to shop in my pantry! :)

Audra Krell said...

You sure are having a ballpark week, like me! Love your theme night on Tuesday night. My son is bummed to miss the All-Star game, but I have no sympathy, as he made the 15-16 year old All-Star team and that is their opening night. I think it's so special. I hope you have a great week too, if you base it all on your menu, it looks to be fantastic!

stace said...

i came upon your blog through my best friend's, can i just say that you have great site here....your menu sounds yummy....ive never taken part in mene plan monday, but maybe i will start too....and thanks also for raising a strong military family!!!!

Brooke said...

i love Tuesday nights selection!! :)

bigbinder said...

Thank you for stopping by earlier! We just made a roast on the grill this weekend, and it was amazing! I hope you have the same results with your tenderloin. That's a roast, right? Well, either way, have a great week :)

stace said...

God always gives us the strength that it takes to deal with any issues.....stephen's(hubby)last deployment was extended on us as husband and wife, and then turned around a few months later to pcs to its hard to be away from the family.....but God has made a way......we have the internet and this wonderful thing called magicjack that allows us to have a state side phone number so that we can call and talk whenever we want......

Teresa said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I had to return the favor and when I did realized I had been here before and didn't comment. I'm adding the Bourbon Chicken to next week's menu and wanted to thank you for posting it.

I also wanted to ask you to please tell your sons thank you! I have a new (married 1 week) son-in-law who will be deploying soon so I am deeply grateful to our military.

The Happy Housewife said...

Wow great menu! It looks like you are having a fun week!

Kate said...

Your Tuesday night sounds like SO much fun!

And I'm so glad to hear that you liked the bourbon chicken. I'm going to have to try it now!

kamailesfood said...

Your description of the Bourbon Chicken has me intrigured. Definitely going to try that one. The beef tenderloin on the grill sounds yummy as well.

Mandy said...

having ballpark food to watch the all-star game on tuesday is a neat idea! i might have to alter my menu and copy!!!

Micah and Katie said...

Chili Cheese Fries...thats one I am going to try when I get back!!

Karen said...

I bet that Bourbon Chicken is good!

Hope you have a wonderful week!