Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tribute Tuesday

Tribute Tuesday is being hosted by Jubilee. This is new to me, but something I can easily join in to do! My husband is a former Marine. My oldest son is currently a Marine, and my second son is a (new in June) Airman. You might think we're a little conflicted, representing two branches of the military in our family, but the interesting thing is, each boy chose what suited him best.

The curious thing is that we never stressed military service to our boys. We have not been the sort of family that said, "Your father did it, and this is what you will do." We did teach them to be responsible, to love our country, and appreciate the freedoms we enjoy. We wanted them to go to college! And they did.... for a while. But they each chose the path to serve our country, and are doing so in very different ways.

I have always been thankful for the men and women who serve and defend our country. Perhaps because I have lived in 'military towns' all my life, I have always been keenly aware of the sacrifice these people - and their families - make, on a daily basis. Having two boys in the military at this time of unrest in so many places, it can make a mother nervous. But I am so incredibly proud of my sons, and daily, I pray for their protection, as well as the protection of their friends and so many others who serve.

So my tribute today is first to my husband, who is very proud of his time in the USMC, and who did such a wonderful job of teaching our boys to love their country, and that service - in whatever form it takes - is important. And my boys, as well. Their careers in the military are new... but they have made a choice, and as one of them told me, "It is an honorable thing to do."


jubilee said...

Thanks for participating in TT!

What a great post. And thanks to the men in your family who've chosen to serve. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

Jessie said...

What a loving post! He sounds like a good man.

Melanie said...

A great post. Please tell your boys how proud we are of them for serving our country and how appreciative we are, as well. Kudos to them both!